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A Sacrament is a sign through which God communicates his love, his life, his forgiveness. Through the sacraments your child is being initiated into the faith of the Church our faith. When you present your child for the sacraments you promise Christ and his community that you will live up to your obligations as responsible Christian parents.
The fact is that your child's faith is not yet personal, they share in your faith and depend on it. Whether your child grows in faith does not depend so much on what you say about God and the Church, but on who you are as believing parents.
Your child will come to see this by example, the way you live and pray, by your attitudes towards life and God and through your involvement with Jesus and his community.

Details regarding the Sacramental Program will be included in the St Kilian's Parish Weekend Bulletin  and School Newsletter or please contact the St Kilian's Parish directly.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
• Grade 2 – Term 4
• One Information Session
• Three Cluster Group Meetings
• Evening Ceremony held in St Kilian's Church. Several Priests are available at the ceremony where children receive the sacrament of Reconciliation where their families introduce their child to the priest. The child then receives the sacrament of Reconciliation individually.

Sacrament of Eucharist and Confirmation
• Grade 3- Term 2
• One Information Session
• Three Cluster Group Meetings
• Commitment Mass
• Parish Mass/ Ceremony on a weekend

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