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Parents have a privileged role as participators in the Catholic school.

They are first teachers of their children and share the responsibility with the church in their education. Teachers have a role to promote the distinctive mission of the school and its Christian atmosphere as well as to ensure excellence in Teaching and Professional Development. The role of parents is also necessary in the participation and collaboration in the educative processes of the school and in the decision-making for their implementation.
The Parents and Friends group is one way to contribute to your child's education. St Kilian's P & F is an association and fundraising body for the school. Parental involvement is essential and all are encouraged to support fundraising and social activities, working bees, etc. The weekly newsletter outlines all P & F activities.

(a) Foster co-operation between teachers and parents.
(b) Raise funds to equip and furnish the school.
(c) Organise special functions and any other activities decided upon by the association from time to time.
(d) Promote the educational welfare of the children of the school.


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