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In addition to our Care Team we have a group called Support Parents. This group of parents introduce themselves to new parents, host morning teas and extend a welcome to families transitioning to St Kilian's for the next school year.

Catholic Care offer workshops and social opportunities to support parents during difficult times. Further details available from the Office or on School Newsletter.

This group consists of staff and parents who aim to assist families in difficult times and also to celebrate joys in family life. From time to time you will notice birth announcements, expressions of condolences etc in our school newsletter. We are also able to offer practical forms of assistance such as meals, transport to & from school and some child minding. If you are a family within our school community (or are aware of one) who would like to share the news of a new arrival or is experiencing a difficult time please let the Care Team know. Discreet contact will be made with a family before any action is taken. Contact with the Care Team can be made to individual members or the school office through the school phone or e-mail.


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